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Thermoplastic Valves-Manual and Actuated
Simtech piping systems are available with a wide range of manual and actuated thermoplastic valves in a choice of PVC, Corzan® CPVC, AlphaPlus PP, and Kynar® PVDF to ensure proper piping system flow. Our in-house actuation capabilities include pneumatic and electric quarter-turn, and multi-turn packages with the following variety of accessories: limit switches, solenoids, 4-20 and 3-15 positioners, feedback potentiometers, control relays, speed control, heater, and thermostat.

  • True Union Ball Valves (1/2" - 4")
  • Butterfly Valves (1/2" - 24")
  • Horizontal Swing Check Valves (2" - 8")
  • PVC, Corzan CPVC, AlphaPlus PP, and Kynar PVDF
  • Diaphragm Valves (1/2" - 8")
  • Relief, Regulator, Specialty, and Control Valves

AlphaPlus PP and Kynar PVDF Piping Systems
Simtech offers two outstanding, stress-relieved piping systems (AlphaPlus PP and Kynar PVDF) and fittings to handle a wide range of industrial pressure piping applications. Our unique inline annealing process results in a stress-relieved product that exhibits superior chemical resistance, reduces stress cracking, and provides greater impact resistance when compared to other PP and PVDF. AlphaPlus PP is compatible with a broader range of chemicals than other piping materials such as FRP and CPVC, and handles temperature ranges from 35°F-200°F. Kynar PVDF has outstanding chemical resistance to highly aggressive inorganic chemicals, acids, hydrocarbons and halogens, handles temperature ranges from -40°F-280°F and is an ideal substitute for exotic alloys. Both systems outperform and offer significant cost savings when compared to CPVC, FRP, lined steel, and exotic alloys.

  • Stress Relieved Pipe: AlphaPlus PP–1/2" - 48", Kynar PVDF–1/2" - 16"
  • Molded Butt Weld Fittings: AlphaPlus PP–1/2" - 16", Kynar PVDF–1/2" - 10"
  • Fabricated Fittings: AlphaPlus PP–18" - 48", Kynar PVDF–10" - 16"
  • Molded Socket Fittings: AlphaPlus PP & Kynar PVDF–1/2" - 4"

PureTech High Purity/Deionized Water Piping Systems
Simtech “next generation” PureTech piping systems are available in a choice of three high purity materials that are vastly superior to other high purity piping materials available in today’s market. Highest quality resin formulation and enhanced extrusion technologies ensure low leachables and superior surface qualities to meet applications ranging from low water purity (resistivity of less than 1 meg OHM/CM) to absolute water purity (resistivity of 18 meg OHM/CM). A wide range of manual, electric and pneumatic thermoplastic valves, actuators and controls are available to ensure proper piping system flow and pressure.

  • PureTech NP–Natural unpigmented AlphaPlus PP Pipe, Valves, and Fittings (1/2" - 4")
  • PureTech AP–Alphanucleated AlphaPlus PP Pipe, Valves, and Fittings (1/2" - 24")
  • PureTech Kynar 740–Kynar PVDF Pipe, Valves, and Fittings (1/2" - 10")
  • PureTech Specialty and Control Valves Including: Self-Draining, High Purity, Diaphragm, Pressure Relief, and Regulators

DualTech Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping Systems
Simtech DualTech AlphaPlus PP and Kynar PVDF piping systems eliminate fugitive emissions, permeation, external corrosion, and liner collapse problems associated with PTFE/PFA lined steel piping systems. With fugitive emissions a priority in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI), DualTech is the only alternative to lined steel piping that is truly “flangeless”. Simtech DualTech AlphaPlus PP and Kynar PVDF piping systems combine the chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of fiberglass. Ideal for handling of aggressive media at elevated temperatures and pressure, DualTech AlphaPlus PP is rated for 150 psi @ 180°F and DualTech Kynar PVDF is rated 150 psi @ 300°F.

  • Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping
  • Flangeless Systems to Eliminate Fugitive Emissions
  • Fully Pressure Rated to 300°F
  • Eliminates Permeation and Exterior Corrosion Problems
  • Patented Tools Allow Flangeless Field Installation


ProDuct Fume Exhaust and Odor Control Duct Systems
Simtech ProDuct is the most comprehensive and complete, nonmetallic duct system handling the broadest range of aggressive, corrosive exhaust gases. Engineered to far exceed the capabilities of stainless and FRP, ProDuct is the only system on the market that offers molded socket fittings and dampers, as well as seamless extruded duct through 32".

  • Sizes through 48"
  • F.M. Approved Systems
  • Molded Fittings and Accessories
  • Dampers–Manual and Actuated through 48"
  • Available in AlphaPlus PP, Kynar PVDF, PVC, and Corzan CPVC


DoubleQuik® Double Containment Piping Systems
Simtech DoubleQuik AlphaPlus PP, Kynar PVDF and PE secondary contained piping systems are the most reliable systems on the market due to joint integrity–no splicing, mitering, gasketing, cementing, extrusion welding or coil fusion joining. Available in a variety of pressure ratings and sizes, DoubleQuik features a unique modular design that makes installation of pipe and fittings quick and easy. The field-proven, versatile system also meets all environmental and safety regulations.

  • AlphaPlus PP, PE, Kynar PVDF Pipe
  • Fully Pressure Rated System
  • Worldwide Installations Since 1984
  • Easy to Install, Modular Design
  • Sizes from 1" x 3" through 18" x 24"
  • Optional Leak Detection Available

Fusion Welding Equipment
Simtech offers a choice of both manual or hydraulically operated fusion equipment for field or workshop socket and butt welding of AlphaPlus PP, PE, Kynar PVDF, and E-CTFE. Manual equipment comes complete with removable heating mirror, electric facing tool, reducing inserts and transport case. Hydraulic equipment incorporates the same components along with a motor and controls.

  • Manually and Hydraulically Operated Tools for Socket or Butt Fusion of AlphaPlus PP, PVC, Kynar PVDF Pipe
  • Butt Fusion Sheet Welder


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